Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Monica Palms

Now, take off the belt!
As we're stepping to the all cold weather, big sweaters and long warm dark capes, I can tell you
the fashion world will always be happy with spring and summer. I took this photos in LA last month and
when I see them I feel summer-ish again. Is it the blue sky or the all-summer-mini-shorts or short
dresses with tan skin that we like about summer? Anyway,
"life goes on", and probably next time I wear this I'll have to take also some tights and gloves, but the fringes 
and the boots are OK, isn't it?
This is the 5th outfit for which I'm featured in Vogue Turkey. You can click here to watch!
wearing: Isabel Marant dress, Isabel Marant Boots, Vintage belt . Pictures taken in Santa Monica

Can you guess where am I going to be these days wearing a pumpkin costume, a cupcake one or maybe a like a ghost?
There will be lots of costumes for Halloween!


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