Sunday, October 10, 2010

Samantha- Sherlock Holmes + Clouds

Jacket- Vintage trench coat (we painted the clouds on it) from Value Village in Toronto
Overalls- Vintage London Jean overalls from Tribal Rhythm Vintage store in Toronto
Blouse- Vintage blouse labelled La Moda is gifted from a neighbour
Hat- Vintage hat (no label) from Aberfoyle Flea Market in Ontario
Bag- Vintage black Chanel bag from Chelsea Flea Market in NY
Necktie- Francis Rose Is bow tie gifted from Francis Rose Is
Belt- Vintage blue studded Club Monaco belt from Tribal Rhythm Vintage store in Toronto
Shoes- Black grommet Prada loafer (borrowed from Caillianne) and Cast from Doc :)

The Look: Sherlock Holmes + Clouds

Fun Fact: Caillianne and I painted these clouds on the trench for Chloe's Surrealist birthday costume party last year! And ever since then...I'm kinda of obsessed with wearing it! This is the hat I got last weekend at the Aberfoyle flea market and the seller said it's over sixty years old!Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all the Canucks!!!

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