Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Samantha- Reality Bites + Cottage Country

Dress- Vintage babydoll dress (no label) from
Slip- Black Beckerman slip (under dress)
Sunglasses- Alexander Wang sunnies from Opening Ceremony in LA
Necklace- Native American bird necklace
Jean Vest- Urban Renewel jean vest from Urban Outfitters in NYC
Bag- Forever 21 polka dot bag from Forever 21 store in LA
Hat- NYC Yankees hat from street vendor in NYC
Boots- Vintage cowboy boots (no label) from Urban Outfitters in LA

The Look: Reality Bites + Cottage Country

Fun Fact: It was relaxing to go upto the cottage with friends and swim in the lake. The cottage was originally built in 1900 but burnt down in 1920 and was rebuilt in the 1930's. It was very rustic and cozy. There were soooo many mosquitos that we went through a bottle and a half of bug spray! You know when you keep hearing lil' buzzing noises in your ears and you can't stop slapping yourself?!!!haha... They made this new bug spray that smells kinda like watermelons, so we called it our "perfume" for the weekend. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

Look of the Day.87: that 70s feeling

top-Erin Wasson x RVCA

While I get hold of all the pictures from my latest trip to Barcelona, The Brandery and more,
I wanted to post what I was wearing the day before I left to Spain.

Mientras consigo recopilar fotos de mi ultima visita a Barcelona, la participacion en the Brandery y mucho mas(si alguien tiene,que no dude en enviarmelas),os dejos con unas fotos del ultimo dia antes de escaparme a la ciudad Condal.

Harry Potter

I want to see it now!! Another thing about me: I love Harry.

close up: ashley

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caillianne- 1940's Cabin Chic + A vintage Mattress

Jacket- Vintage Green and White Pinstripe Bed sheet (borrowed from our friend Ryan's Cottage)
Belt- Brown woven belt (bought ten years ago) from Intermix in New York
Hat- Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch Hat from Brimfield Antique Show in Boston, MA
Leggings- Khaki and leather H&M leggings from the H&M store in L.A
Shoes- F-Troupe from Creatures of Comfort Sample Sale in L.A
Bag- Etro bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: 1940's Cabin Chic + A vintage Mattress

Fun Fact: We had a smashing time at our friend Ryan's Cottage over the weekend! I loved this vintage bed sheet so much I made it into a jacket. Its a bottom sheet with the elastic around the edges so it was easy to do. I just put it over my shoulders and twisted it around my arms and belted it. It reminded me of Miguel Adrover's mattress jacket that he did in 2000 but its a drapey, loose Japanese-esque version of it.
PS. We are going to be on eTalk tonight EST at 7PM discussing "Festival Dressing" and the launch of the new "TopShop Collection" sold at the store Jonathan and Olivia!!! It's the only store in Canada that now offers TopShop clothes! Ohhh YAAAA!!! Tune in!

Foire de Paris

I spent Monday night at the Fair , since I saw  the Wheel of Fortune on friday  afternoon I kept constantly thinking I had to go and have some childish fun, which I love. I did it a lot when a little girl ( not saying I am not anymore), 
and I will always like it. We kids love colors and freedom, and I had quite a lot yesterday!
In the end Andy and me finished a great day  laughing and talking about everything in front of La Tour Eiffel.
But those are pictures in tomorrow's post because for now I' m going to bed. Good night! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Caillianne- Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel + Dove

Dress- Capucci Dress from Fall 2003 Collection (borrowed from Mom) from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- D&G Gold shoes from D&G store in New York
Purse- Vintage (no label) purse a gift from our neighbour

The Look: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel + Dove

Fun Fact: My Mom got this dress 7 years ago! And since we were going to a white party, she let me borrow it! YAY! Capucci is an Italian house that was founded by Roberto Capucci who is 80 years old. He hired Bernhard Willhelm in Fall 2003 to re-invent Capucci and bring back some of Capucci's trademark dresses. Unfortunately, Capucci only lasted 2 seasons! (sob sob!) The collection is so amazing!



Dress: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters. Shirt: American Apparel. 
Loafers: TopShop. Bag: Balenciaga. Sunglasses: Rayban. Nails: 'lemon' from Barry M.

My absolute favorite thing about these pictures is the lady with the blue nails who's looking at the camera like "WTF!?!?". Hilarious!

I went Bikini shopping in Oxford Circus today. I adored all the ones in my earlier post but they were all £100 and up. A little too much for scraps of material right? Anyway I found a very cute one in River Island that I'm in love with.

I think the frills add a flirty vibe and the print feels vintage. I'm very happy :) If any of you fancy one of these get the size up, the bikini pants are so tiny! They almost showed my whole bum!

There was some great stuff in River Island today... For those of you that don't already know, River Island have done a Miu Miu 'inspired' shoe... They come in both navy blue and pink. I didn't buy a pair but I've done all the research for you. They are obviously not as gorgeous and lovely as the Miu Miu ones but I think if you want a little fashion fix then for £50 they're great. 

Acne Men

 I attended the cocktail-show-evening for watching this season Acne men's collection, 
and till now I can't stop thinking of those great sunglasses. I had a great evening with the 
Acne team ,my friend Andy and some other friends. I frankly liked a lot the light fabrics 
and colors they chose, 
and about Le Chateaubriand, the food was just amazing. 
Love Acne!

Lanvin Fall 2010

It seems almost logical that a campaign with Mariacarla Boscono, Magdalena Frackowiak and Anja Rubik
will be successfull and just working great, but for me this time Alber Elbaz did it so good. From the feathered
to the golden drapped dresses and some dark long gloves that remind me very much of Anna Dello Russo, 
I just liked it all.
"Women ask for masculine tailoring, but they want to feel fragile. They want daywear, but buy evening. I designed a whole lot of draped things, but then it looked like too much. An overdose of fashion." -  Alber Elbaz (read it via of course)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

look of the day: ashley

Samantha- Hair Dresser + Dental Hygienist

Shirt- Jean Paul Gaultier white shirt from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Pants- H&M white jeans from H&M store from Toronto
Ring- Lalique flower ring from Lalique store in NYC
Earrings- Vintage black and white 1960's circle earrings from Hells Kitchen flea market in NYC
Bag- Vintage Chanel bag from Chelsea flea market in NYC
Shoes- TopShop black Wisteria wrap heels from Jonathan and Olivia store in Toronto

The Look: Hair Dresser + Dental Hygienist

Fun Fact: This is the FIRST time I have ever worn ALL WHITE!!! AHH---I'm in shock!!! Caillianne and I went to a strict white party in Toronto! It was so cool seeing everyone dressed in all white at the party and felt like we could have been partying in Saint Tropez! We got we this Jean Paul Gaultier white shirt in 1995 and it can be worn as a dress if worn long or folded up into a even has straps that you can pull over your shoulders for a cropped shirt look. It's such a cool design!