Sunday, October 24, 2010

Samantha- Morticia + 1960's Mod

Dress- Vintage Futura Couture from Cheap Jack's Vintage store in NYC
Necklace- Vintage 1960's necklace from Brimfield Antique Show in MA
Ring- Lalique sunflower ring gifted from Lalique in NYC
Bag- Celine bag gifted from friend in NYC :)
Shoes- Boot from Browns store in Toronto and cast from Doc in Toronto

The Look: Morticia + 1960's Mod

Fun Fact: I dig the arms on this dress and love how when it gets cold, I can see the goose bumps on my arms through the cut outs!! haha! Halloween is one week away...gotta figure out my costume and go buy some pumpkins before the good ones are gone!

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