Monday, August 31, 2009

Samantha- Tom Ford + Wednesday Adams

Top- H&M top with fringe on sleeves from H&M store in Toronto
Skirt- Gucci Skirt with scarf fringe belt from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Francesco Rogani from Collette in the Hamptons in NYC
Boots- Ralph Lauren black desert boots

The Look: Tom Ford + Wednesday Adams

Fun Fact: I was dying to wear this skirt!!! Its not even shortened yet but I really wanted to wear it today! My favourite part of this skirt is the silk scarf that wraps around the waist with the "G" embroidery!

Caillianne- John Lennon + Safari

Top- Vintage brocade (no label) top from Chelsea Flea Market
Pants- Chloe pants from Intermix in Hamptons in NYC
Heart Buckle- A gift from Danielle :)
Leopard Scarf on Bag- A gift from a friend
Hat- Beige vintage hat from my Grandmother
Bag- Miu Miu bag from Miu Miu Store in NYC
Boots- Brown Tod's boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: John Lennon + Safari

Fun Fact: Our grandmother gave us all of her vintage hats in the original hat boxes! Most of them are from the 1960's!

close up: mary-kate

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caillianne- Talitha Getty + Reptile

Dress- Vintage (no label) from friend
Belt- No label from Sherway Gardens Antique Show in Toronto
Shoes- Chanel from Chanel store in NYC
Hat- Vintage from Aberfoyle in Toronto
Bracelet- Vintage African bracelet from Bayview Village in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Botegga Veneta borrowed from my Mom
Bagel Charm- Poppy seed Poppy seed bagel coin purse from Pacific Mall in Toronto

The Look: Talitha Getty + Reptile

Fun Fact: This charm is the funniest! It really looks like a bagel and makes a lot of people laugh! This older man screamed out to me from across the street.... "Hey Lady, I like your Bagel Lady!" it was really cute!

Rana (Mommy)- Bat Girl + Cumberland Park

Shirt- Brandy shirt from Aritzia in Toronto
Pants- Black BCBG jersey pants from BCBG store in Toronto
Necklace- Vintage chain
Sunglasses- Bvlgari from Vizio in Toronto
Bag- Prada bag from NYC
Shoes- Chie Mihara from Davids in Toronto

The Look: Batgirl + Cumberland Park

Fun Fact: All dogs are at the spa while we were jumping around in Cumberland Park! bow wow!

Samantha- DSquared2 Fall 2009 + Smells like Teen Spirit

Dress- Vintage Ghost dress from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shirt around waist- Uniqlo from Uniqlo store in NYC
Jacket- Rag and Bone from Saks in NYC
Shoes- Bess Boots from Bess store in NYC
Hat- Vintage Yankee hat from hat vendor on street corner in NYC
Sunglasses- Vintage from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Purse- Vintage Leopard pouch from cute lil man in Paris

The Look: DSquared2 Fall 2009 + Smells like Teen Spirit

Fun Fact: DSquared2 had models texting and carrying Starbucks down the runway to make them all look like celebrities in Tabloids! They did grungy plaid shirts with tons of layering. said the runway looked "Olsen-twins chic" with almost every model wearing sunglasses and hats to shield them from the Paparazzi! FABBBULOUS!

olsens anonymous favorite: ashley

For Kevin

My friend and I are HUGE Mariah Carey fans. Always have been, always will be. We won't listen to a bad word said against her. You know how it is when you're attached to something from your youth? That's how it is with us and Mariah....

One of my favorite memories is of me and Kevin driving around in my little blue Fiat cinquecento with all the windows down singing along to Mariah's christmas album. In the middle of summer! I loved that car. It was the first one I owned and it made me feel really grown up. This is not a picture of my actual car but it looks just like it. Mine was a really bright shade of blue but it had the same tartan interior!


I do love being here in New York and I have my boy and our kitty with me and of course I have the lovely cast BUT I do get pangs of missing my people back home. I went out to Jane this weekend and when they played "Heartbreaker" it made me so happy! It reminded me of home. And yep that's me screeching in an attempt to sing along. Oh the shame of it!

P.S I saw the first naked posters today! There is a huge one of Sara and Corbin right outside our building!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Parisian Cabaret

This is another shoot for American Apparel (And one of my favorites!!) .
Wearing the Disco Shorts, the new Loose Crop tee and the Unisex Wool Beret.
Wearing the red beret with my repettos felt some kind of parisian, just needed
a cigarette in my hand and (I wish now) the Eiffel tower behind me..
If you ever wondered about sexy shorts , you wouldn´t miss the exact solution,
this ones are insanely sexy, shoes or pumps with them are both perfect.
I ´m taking long in getting them, but promise you will see them soon in real life
(at least in mine).
Lovely weekend!


To clarify....

I keep being asked about rumors surrounding TBL so lemme clear some stuff up.

* Adam Bertrand. I don't know who he is and he is definitely not a part of the show. He wasn't in the pilot and if he was then he would have been an extra and not part of the main cast. All of the main cast were staying in the same hotel and we hung out together every night. Believe me, he was not there.

* "Star of the Show". It's an ensemble cast made up of Sara, Mischa, Ben, Nico, Corbin, Elle and me :) There are other reoccurring roles and "special" guest appearances.

* Things have changed since the pilot... names of characters, some characters level of involvement, my hair! A pilot is not the finished deal people so be patient and all will be revealed when the show airs on SEPTEMBER 16TH!!!!

* Neither myself or anyone else are "models trying to act". I went to RADA. If you don't know what that is and who else went there then please google it. We are all professional actors with other credits to our names AND even if we were all models SO WHAT!? Pretty people can't act? Please. KMT.

* Nobody has been told to loose weight. We fit into sample sizes, we eat carbs, we're all happy.

* The "naked" pictures. There are no other naked shots to be released. Not every member of cast was available for every photo shoot because like I said before we are working professionals and had other commitments. Just because you don't see a picture of someone it doesn't mean they're no longer on the show.

Ok , that's it for now. Any questions then feel free to ask :)


Lets all spare a moment to appreciate these Alexander Wang shoes. They are bad ass. I wear them in the show and I fricking love em!

Angel Eyes

pictures by YVAN RODIC


mary-kate and ashley at the open ceremony party in tokyo

Thursday, August 27, 2009

more of mary-kate and ashley in toronto

mary-kate and ashley: NY Times

ashley: fashion's night out shoot

mary-kate and ashley: toronto


One of the first things I did when I got to New York was an interview and photoshoot for NYLON magazine with Sara, Ben and Nico. It was the first time I saw any of them since we shot the pilot waaaaaaaaay back in Canada.... It was all good though and it ended up being a lot of fun.

We shot this picture on the roof of a warehouse in Brooklyn and the sun was bright beyond belief. The roof was made of some sort of metal so it intensified the brightness even more and none of us could see a thing. That photographer obviously knew what she was doing though because she got this shot. I think it was right after I said "Dude, I can't see shit" to Sara. Nice.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Danielle- Honeybee + American Gold Finch Bird

Dress: Vintage handmade dress (no label)from Salvation Army, Toronto
Jacket: Vintage Erika Ltd from Salvation Army, Toronto
Necklace: Vintage Medicine pouch from St. Lawrence Market
Bag: Vintage bag (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Boots: Aldo from Aldo store in Toronto

The Look: Honeybee + American Gold Finch Bird

Fun Fact: Danielle and us girls went vintage shopping today on Ossington Avenue in Toronto. We had so much fun checking out all of the shops! Our favourite store was called Vintage Mix!

Kristin- Gypsy + Mary Kate Olsen

Tshirt- James Perse from store in Toronto
Skirt- Vintage (no label) from Montreal
Purse- Vintage Antonio Scepi from Holt Renfrew from store Vintage Mix in Toronto
Sandals- Lanvin from store called Madison Malibu

The Look: Gypsy + Mary Kate Olsen

Fun Fact: Krissy's skirt left trails of silver glitter on the side walk !!! tee heee !!!

Samantha- Duck Hunt + Gossip Girl

Dress- Vintage Kettle Creek Canvas Co. borrowed from Danielle from Value Village in Toronto
Belt- Vintage Holt Renfrew borrowed from Danielle
Shorts underneath dress- Vintage from Value Village
Shoes- Vintage Giraudon NYC from Vintage store called Atomic Passion Store in NYC
Socks- Blue socks from Forever 21 in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Alligator bag from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC

The Look: Duck Hunt + Gossip Girl

Fun Fact: Duck Hunt by Nintendo was the Best game ever!!! Growing up, we used to play it religiously and this print totally reminded me of it!

Caillianne- Blue Jay + 1900's Night Gown

Jumper- Vintage (no label) from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- Vintage Francis Design lace shoes from Marmalade Vintage in NYC
Bandana- Vintage worn in Hair
Belt- Velvet Blue belt borrowed from Danielle :)

The Look: Blue Jay + 1900's Night gown

Fun Fact: When I bought this the vintage vendor told me that this was a man's night gown from the 1900's! It is in amazing condition and I can't imagine a guy wearing this to bed! hahah!