Thursday, October 7, 2010

Les 70's de YSL

Some time ago I twitted about something I had found, by far my biggest vintage treasure.
For those times, I decided to hold a little time, so I would use it in a very special or different ocassion.
I am definitely talking about this Yves Saint Laurent Black cape. I often wonder what's better,
to use something you like many many times, or to use it few times, but in a wonderful way. What would you do?
One fact you may don't know is that Yves Saint Laurent is my
absolutely favorite designer of the 3 decades he worked. It's purely feminine inspiration, I really think of him
like a man who embraced the women for what they are and for the beautiful way they can look. Isn't this the real 
art of fashion?
Truth is, I am and will be always inspired by designers and by the way the let us play and enjoy the fashion world.
I paired my vintage YSL with these new Stefano Pilati YSL. For me, this had to be an all Yves Saint Laurent dress code.
Yves Saint Laurent: This one is for you.
Wearing: YSL 70's cape, YSL mohawk shoes, vintage red purse.

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