Sunday, October 17, 2010

God Save the Queen Party- The British Invasion!!

We had the best and I mean best time at The Bay party! It was seriously the best British Invasion party that has ever happened to Toronto! Giles Deacon, Erdem, Mark Fast, Nicholas Kirkwood, Marios Schwab, Charlotte Olympia, and Jonathan Saunders all came in to celebrate "The Room's" Anniversary! Lula Magazine did a pop up shop at the opening party! It's also Lula magazine's fifth Anniversary! The shop was so special because founder and Editor in Chief Leith Clark curated it. The shop included Rodarte's limited edition dresses and tee's, limited edition Erdem and Giles dresses and limited edition Miu Miu's sparkly heels. Leith got Miuccia Prada to bring them back and do a small run of them from the 2006 Collection because they are her all time favourite heels! We were swooning over them! And even the word "limited edition" makes all of us fashionistas go beserk!

So before the party, we had asked our amazing friend and vintage collector Carole Tanenbaum if she had anything amazing to wear to the British Invasion party and she said she had crowns!!! Our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw them! WE LOVE CROWNS!!! They are soooo British and the Queen would definitely approve. The crowns are by Robert Sorrell who lives in New York. He works on each jewel himself and only does a small production. Sorrell also does work for Cirque De Doleil and The Gay Annual Queen Coronation in NY. Sorrell also uses vintage stones in his crowns and that's why they are sooo special and vintage looking. We just knew we had to wear them! To top it off, we both hand painted British flags on our cheeks to show those Brit's how much we love em'! The crowns were such a hit at the party!

We had sooo much fun with Charolotte Olympia Dellal! How fabulous is her banana purse in the pic below! Her shoe line is sooo amazing! We also hung out with Giles and laughed A LOT!!! (Check out the last two pictures!) He is the BEST! We had soo much fun together! WE LOVE HIM! There...we said it! We loved goofing around with him! He is one of our most favourite designers of all time and we almost didn't let him leave Toronto! He was sooo excited when he saw our Mom wearing his spider dress! A bunch of our friends were also there and we had an insane time with them too! Just look at the pics below to see what insanity we were talking about! hahah! We love our boys!!! Dan Levy from MTV , Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil, and designer Jeremy Laing.. we all go to crazy town when together...hahaha! Thanks to all of the Brit's for coming to Toronto! And a Happy Anniversary to "The Room" and to Lula Mag! God Save the Queen!

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