Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Samantha- Scrubs + Care Bear

Coat- Missoni coat (borrowed from Mom) from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sweater- Beckerman Fall 2005 hand knit bobble sweater
Pants- Baby blue Alexander Wang sweatpants from Barneys Co-Op in NYC
Blue shirt- Vintage blue Sears Western Wear shirt from Vintage store called Rodeo (Rodeo bar's store) in NYC
Scarf- Miu Miu knit scarf from Miu Miu store in NYC
Bag- Vintage Chanel bag from FIT Vintage shop in NYC
Boots- Tod's boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Scrubs + Care Bear

Fun Fact: These baby blue Alexander Wang pants are from one of my fav collections, his Spring 2009 Collection. I never really wear sweatpants out except to the gym but love how these are tapered and look more like long underwear! And boy, they are comfortable!

Caillianne- 1970's Cher + Snakes on a Plane

Faux Fur Jacket- Yellow Jean Philippe Ricifriar faux fur jacket (made in France) from Leslie Hindham from Ebay
Sweater- Beckerman handknit snake sweater from Spring 2006 Collection
Tank- Black tank top is Old Navy from Old Navy store in Toronto
Jeans- Vintage Levi's jeans from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Bag- Vintage floral Margaret Smith (borrowed from Chloe) from Bayview Village Heritage Antique market
Boots- Vintage brown leather boots from New York Vintage store in NYC

The Look: 1970's Cher + Snakes on a Plane

Fun Fact: I haven't worn my hair like this in a while because the last time I wore my hair like this I was in Paris and the concierege at our hotel said to me, " Mademoiselle, what is that on top of your head?" hahaha



2009 gave me so much that i wouldn't have enough space to thank everyone.
And over 4.000.000 views to AMLUL.COM
Thank you to everyone who keeps this rocking.
Wish you all the best for 2010.
Let's rock&roll friendos!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rana (Mommy) - Cabin Chic + Mod Squad

Grey jacket- Organic brand wool jacket from Saks in NYC
Eyeglasses- Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 glasses
Pin on Jacket- Vintage Scorpion pin from vintage pin store in NYC
Scarf- Leopard scarf from street vendor in NYC
Belt- Black velvet YSL belt from YSL store in NYC
Leggings- Wool grey knit leggings from Aldo in Toronto
Leg Warmers- Maroon knit Etro leggings from Etro store in NYC
Hat- Eric Javits leather hat from NYC
Arm warmers- Etro Orange and Brown knit arm warmers from Etro store in NYC
Black gloves- Black leather gloves from Jackie's Place Toronto
Tank underneath- Beckerman leather tank from Spring 2006 Collection
Shoes- Motorcycle boots from Browns in Toronto
Doggy- Theadora "TED" Beckerman

The Look: Cabin Chic + Mod Squad

Fun Fact: These glasses are our favourite!!! They originally had dark lenses in them and our Mom put a yellow tinted lens in them instead so she can also wear them indoors!

Samantha- Wyatt Earp + Ski Instructor

Sweater coat- Etro knitted coat from Etro store in NYC
Knit Cardigan - Men's H&M zip up cardigan from H&M store (from 5 years ago) in NYC
Pants- Vintage Levi's from Salvation Army in Toronto
Scarf- Leopard scarf from Banana Republic in Toronto
Sunglasses- Raybans from Sunglass Hut at Airport in NYC
Hat- Vintage hat (no label) from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Socks- Pink wool socks from Sporting Life in Toronto
Bag- Leopard Betsey Johnson bag from Betsey Johnson store in Toronto
Boots- Vintage leopard Doc Martens from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Dog- Cubby Peter Beckerman wearing a leopard faux fur jacket

The Look: Wyatt Earp + Ski Instructor

Fun Fact: I just got these Doc Martens at the flea market in NYC a few days ago! I'm in love with them and can't believe Caillianne found them for me for only $40 ! Ohhhh yaaaa!!!

Caillianne- Beatnik + Sherlock Holmes

Jacket- Proenza Schouler Jacket from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Pants- Black leather pants from H&M in Toronto
Shoes- Etro Patent buckle boots from Etro store in NYC
Hat- Brown David Cohen hat from Saks in NYC from Godmum

The Look: Beatnik + Sherlock Holmes

Fun Fact: This is one of my favourite jackets. I got it five years ago and still love it as much as I did the day I bought it. I wore it so much I completely ripped out the lining and had to replace it! Hahah! It is from Proenza's Fall 2004 Collection! One of their earlier collections. The link I attached is their brown leather version from the runway collection.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

New York Graffiti

While we were in New York, we took pictures of our favourite graffiti around Soho, Chinatown and Meat Packing District. The colors are so vibrant and the images are outstanding. Did you know that graffiti has been around since Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire? hahaha xoBeckerman girls

look of the day: ashley

And they think you should know



AA chambray trousers, AX dress, Oysho sunglasses, Steve Madden shoes, favorite owl necklace.

I wasn`t planning to get out of home today, neither did I plan to
go shopping and getting away with five new things for my closet!
but I suddenly saw the big sunny day I wasn`t really expecting.
I would have liked to save at least HALF of the money I had for the
entire week, but silly me, I am not just able to keep it safe when I see
so good sales! I`ve been wondering what I will wear for new year`s eve, 
and got some good ones. What about you?
This is one of the pieces I got as Christmas present from American Apparel!(Thanks!)
these chambray trousers are aladdin inspiration, but real ones. I love them.



Shoe Porn

For a year (maybe even longer) I have had graphic dreams about the Chloe studded boots. In these dreams me and my Chloe boots live a charmed life where we fill our days skipping down cobbled streets whilst wearing obscene amounts of Chanel....

When I had the chance to buy these boots I hesitated. I questioned the price and the amount I would wear them. Foolish! I would have worn them plenty, I've dreamed about them nearly every day since and that would make the cost per wear price well worth it. A lesson learned: WHEN IT COMES TO SHOPPING HESITATION CAN BE FATAL.

Since that black day when I gave up my chance to own the fabled Chloe boots I have been in search of an alternative. Jeffery Campbell did a good enough version for LF but they sold out in New York before I could get my hands on them. Cut to months later, I'm back in London browsing online for studded boots (I do this a lot) and I find not one but TWO pairs that will do nicely in lieu of the Chloe's. It's always the way isn't it!? You go months without finding what you need and then lots of it comes along at once! This also happened to me in LA right before I left. I went into LF to check if they had the Jeffery Campbell wedges that I'd been hunting down and they not only had them in black, they also had them in cream AND they had another pair of shoes that I had given up hope of ever seeing in the flesh. Here's a little homage to all of those lovely shoes.

The Alexa. Limited edition Jeffery Campbell for LF. I wanted the ACNE version so bad, they were a touch more sleeker and had a higher heel but these were a fraction of the price and were good enough for me.

The same day I found the alexa I also found these beauties. The Tick peep toe wedge. Also limited edition Jeffery Campbell for LF.
I found both of those on the day I was leaving LA. My suitcase was so full I had to carry them both in my hand luggage. Totally worth it.

These are from Office and they tick all of my studded boots boxes. I love the metal plate under the heel. The Chloe ones has the exact same thing.

These ones are the Jeffery Campbell ones that sold out in New York, I randomly found them in Urban Outfitters in London. Last pair! I like the density of the studs on these and the fact that they are gold.
I'm not keeping both of the studded boots. I'll take a pair back or sell them on... I haven't decided which ones to keep yet. I'm grateful for any opinions! At the moment I feel like the Office ones give me the roughness of the Chloe boots that I so craved but that the JC ones have that great black and gold thing going for them.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Caillianne- Bubblegum Ice Cream +Chiquita Banana

Jacket- Vintage Cheap and Chic Moschino Jacket from Housing Works in NYC
Scarf- Black cashmere scarf from Grandfather
Black hat- Black Kangol hat (borrowed from my Mom)
Hooded Sweatshirt- Grey Beckerman sweatshirt worn underneath from Spring 2009 Collection
Pants- Vintage fruit stir up pants (no label) a gift from Danielle! YAY!
Bag- Betsey Johnson Bag from Betsey Johnson store in Toronto
Gucci Charm on Bag- Chihuahua Christmas Guccioli charm from Gucci Store in NYC
Shoes- Alexander Wang from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Bubblegum Ice Cream + Chiquita Banana

Fun Fact: I havn't had coffee in 4 months!! Which is pretty crazy because I used to drink sooo much of it. I don't even crave it anymore! So my drink of choice from Starbucks is a Grande Earl Grey Soy Misto Extra hot with two pumps of vanilla syrup... AND ITS AMAMZING!