Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Caillianne- June 30, 2009

Top- Vintage Pleated Montana Sweater from the 80's(Borrowed it from my Mom)
Pants- See by Chloe Pleated Pants from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Hat- Vintage Eric Javits from Hell's Kitchen in New York
Bag- Miu Miu from NYC
Shoes- Michael Kors from Davids in Toronto

The Look: Ed Haris + Peter Beard

Fun Fact: Peter Beard is one of my most favourite artists of all time. I spotted him on the street and went up to him to tell him how much I love his work! And he told me to come visit his studio ! He opened his journal and ripped out a page of his work and signed it for me. We were all so excited because now we have a piece of his work and its signed! It had to been the one of the best days ever! And stuff like that only happens in NY right?!! hahaha!

Samantha- June 30, 2009

Dress- BCBG from NYC
Shirt- Jean Paul Gaultier from Girgio Femme in Toronto
Tights- Organge Fogal tights from Store in NYC
Shoes- Vintage from Edith Machinist and laces from Mokuba Ribbon in NYC
Belt- Vintage (no label) from Hell's Kitchen in NYC from vintage dealer Anthony!
Bag- Ferragamo from NYC

The Look: Witches of Eastwick + Pippi Longstocking

Fun Fact: One of my favourite Flea Markets is of course Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (39th and 9th ave in NYC) and one of the most fabulous vintage vendors is Anthony. His store is called.."Store with No Walls" and he is always there with Janet who is also awesome! They are there every Saturday and Sunday with great finds!

Black night




Wearing: One of my Topshop dresses I bought in NY( Im just in love with them), Zara sequins blazer, Zara boots.

I ´ve been meaning to use this blazer since my birthday (april 14th so long ago!). I´m betting
we all had bought clothes so wonderful ( for us ) , that we often are waiting for a great occasion
to use them , well, I just learnt we can wait reeally long , so whatever, why don´t you just
use it(I mean now!)? Well, I chose weekend .
A great cocktail ( just a few! ) was just the begining of a thrilling night. Although
I´m still tired I just have this feeling my night-out was crazy/exciting/ enjoyable, so
I don´t regret almost watching the sunrise when arriving home.
Anyway , my trip was amazing, everything great I could imagine happening ,was even better.
I hope I´ll be soon somewhere else enjoying life, fashion, friends, and new places.


ashley out with justin in paris

Danielle- June 25, 2009

Dress: Dress from Sally Anne's, Salvation Army (no label) in Toronto
Belt: Society For Rational Dress from TNT in Toronto
Bag: Green leather bag from Goodwill in Toronto at Bloor and Jarvis location
Shoes: Leopard heels borrowed from the Beckerman girls

The Look: Leopard + Flowers

Fun Fact: Danielle helped us get ready for our sample sale that we had on the weekend and we shot these pictures at our Storage space! Thanks Danielle, you ROCK! xoxo

Chloe- June 25, 2009

Dress- Beckerman Black Jersey dress from Spring 2009 Collection
Shoes- Aldo from Toronto
Necklace- I bought these necklace in Santirini Greece from a little fabulous jewelry store there

The Look: Goth Queen + Ballarina

Fun Fact: We designed this dress when we were in Cabo and thought it would be a fab dress for summer because it is dance inspired and and good for evening parties!

Caillianne- June 25, 2009

Jumper- Beckerman Diner Check Jumper from Spring 2009 Collection
Sunglasses- Raybans from Sunglass Hut in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage Allure denim heels (with Silver tip toe) from Marmalade Vintage in NYC

The Look: Thrashin' + Pinup

Fun Fact: Well, I finally lost my Rayban Sunglasses (I had them for two years) and they were my favourite! I think I left them at Fedex/Kinkos which means they are total gonners! So I bought these ones to replace them and I love them!

Samantha- June 29, 2009

Dress- Beckerman Cowl Sailboat dress from Spring 2008 Dress
Bag- Beckerman Love Clutch bag
Shoes- Vintage Nautical shoes (no label) from Edith Machinist in NYC
Belt- BCBG from NYC

The Look: Sailor + Gladiator, the movie

Fun Fact: This is one of my favourite Beckerman dresses because it is grecian. We designed this print with Beckerman sailboats!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

pig sty

I can't sleep. I've got too much to do and my house is now a total pig sty. I actually get seriously anxious around mess and dirt. I'm lying in bed (my boy is sound asleep next to me) and I keep going over all the bloody things I've gotta do. UGH!!!

Positive thinking.....

Good things that have happened recently are:

*Me and the boy went to Sardinia. It was lovely. I'll do another post about that another time.

*I finally found a vintage kimono. I've been looking for ages and then I found one on in ebay in Canada. The seller didn't wanna ship to the UK but I pleaded and got my way. It's gorgeous. Bright blue with peacocks all over it and silver and gold threads. It didn't come with a belt so I'm using an old leopard print silk scarf.  I feel like a dame when I wear it.

*I got my flight to NY all sorted. AND my boy can come on the same flight as me. AND Oscar the cat can come too.

*Rediscovering old friendships. Pizza, Mariah and my Gay.

*Clearing out 3/4 of my wardrobe. It's shameful how many items there were with tags on that have NEVER BEEN WORN. It will do me good to give them away and make me think twice about buying so many things. I am a terrible magpie.

*Finding my old note book. It's filled with songs and ideas for scripts. I'm gonna rule the world with that thing ;)


As the amount of emails I've received regarding the name of the tracks
i've been playing on my blog,I thought it was totally necessary to share 
with you guys my top 25  favourite songs,the ones that are always 
playing on my ipod and probably there are many more I won't be posting
here,as I wanted to keep  a "small" list of them.

Debido a la gran cantidad de emails que he recibido preguntandome
por las canciones que pongo en el blog,pense que seria una buena
idea compartir mis 25 favoritas y que siempre suenan en mi ipod.
Por supuesto,esta es una corta lista de todas las grandes canciones
que me gustan,pero no podria  ponerlas todas!

Peter&me by Saga

The Chordettes-Mr Sandman
Patti Smith-Horses
Bananarama & Fun Boy Tree-It Ain't what you do,It's the way that you do it
Nirvana(cover)-About a Girl
David Bowie-Fashion
Pixies-Monkey gone to Heaven
Florence& the machine-Dog days are over
The Smiths-How soon is now?
Empire of the Sun-The World
Johnny Cash&June Carter-Lon-legged guitar Pickin' man
Bon Iver- Skinny love
The Cure-Close to me
Howling Bells- Breaking my back
Bryan Ferry-Slave to love
The Specials-A message to Rudy
Kings of Leon-Revelry
Michael Jackson-Black or White
Royksopp- You don't have a clue
Siouxsie & the Banshees- Dear Prudence
The Kinks-All day and all the night
The Who-My generation
Placebo-Special Needs
Prince-U got the look
Beck-Everybody's gotta learn sometimes

Friday, June 26, 2009


Samantha- June 26, 2009

Silver top- Vintage (no label) from Marmalade Vintage in NYC
Shirt- Jean Paul Gaultier from Holt Renfrew
Jean shorts- I made them! And sewed patches and bleached them out
Boots- From Bess Boots in NYC
Purse- Vintage (no label) from Edith Machinist in NYC

The Look: Liquid Nitrogen + Star Wars

Fun Fact: I bought these Jon F. Gee jeans from Value Village and cut them in to shorts. I cut them, bleached them and sewed patches of all different color denim on them

Chloe- June 26, 2009

Pink Dress- Vintage Patricia Field from FX in Toronto
Yellow Crinolin- Vintage from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Black Shrug- Holt Renfrew Brand from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Thigh highs- Pink Agent Provocateur fishnets
Necklaces- Hand beaded necklaces- got them as a kid and made one of them!

The Look: Raver Girl + Glo stick

Fun Fact: Samantha bought this outfit for a father daughter dance with my Dad when she was 15 years old! I love how happy it is!

Caillianne- June 26, 2009

Dress- Vintage Floral Sequin Dress with label Royal Feeling from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
Shoes- Vintage white shoes with label Rush Hour from store Marmalade in NYC

The Look: Liza Minelli + Marilyn Monroe

Fun Fact: This is such a fun shirt to wear!and go dancing in! I actually found it in a bin at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $5.00 ! Such a score for all the hand beading that went in to it! YAY!