Saturday, January 31, 2009

ashley and mary-kate leaving the soho house hotel

Look of the Day.28:britton

jumper-Polo R.L
jeans-Silence Noise
necklaces- Adam&Eve, Dior

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look of the Day.27: 1.000.000 dollar baby

THANK YOU guys for visiting AMLUL.COM
today we've reached over 1.000.000 views!!!

GRACIAS a todos por visitar AMLUL.COM
hoy hemos superado 1.000.000 de visitas!!!



jumper- vintage shop in Reykjavik
shorts- TopShop(memphis collection)
wool tights-Tabio

Monday, January 26, 2009

get the look: mary-kate


I've been getting my credit crunch on and selling some stuff on ebay. It's addictive! Me and the boy have been going round the house saying "what else can we sell!?". One woman's shit is another woman's treasure! I'm putting my new found ebay wealth into a new Balenciaga bag. I've seen the one I want.... It is wonderful. Big, soft and red. Sigh. Bags are my weakness. I luuuurrrrrrrvvvve them. 

'Secret Diary' came out in America last week, the network that it's on (Showtime) have started to put the "webisodes" on youtube.....

The comments for this one are disturbing!

This one hasn't been up that long but I'm sure there will be yucky comments on here too soon. BASTARD PEOPLE!

Feel free to go on youtube and defend my honor to all the wackos.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr....It's been so cold out that all I've been doing recently is reading on the sofa wrapped in my duvet. I have this little blow heater that I found in Matalan for a fiver. It's amazing. My boy calls it 'The Hell Maker' coz it gets so hot. The only thing that gets me off the sofa and away from the hell maker is my Bikram yoga class. Yep that's right, I DO EXERCISE! For those of you who know me personally this will come as a shock because I have previously been extremely anti-exercise but for some reason I actually enjoy doing Bikram yoga! Also the fact that I have to be on TV in my knickers both here and in the States has made me suddenly feel the urge to get in shape. Vanity, ugh!

Despite my bid to be healthy I fell off the wagon in a big way on saturday... Cyrena had a little tea party at her new bachelorette pad. We had cake, cake, cake, tea, cake, pomegranate champagne and more cake.


This picture was taken half way through the day so many of the cakes are gone. There was probably twice this amount at the beginning of the afternoon. When I got home that evening I had a cake hangover. No more cake for me for a while......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look of the Day.26: the little monkey
fake fur coat-vintage
shoes-Top Shop

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

get the look: ashley


Is no secret i've been sneaking into my bf's wardrobe since we
moved in together,and he has not been the first one.I just can't help it.
When I am shopping I always end up in the men's section
and I only realise when I start to look for my size that
the womens is far away! And is very common that he might ask me
questions such as: Apart from you underwear,are any of the clothes
that you have on right now yours?And this is what happened again.
I love big knitted things,I spotted this Dries Van Noten at Harrods
run towards it,grabed it, and haven't stopped wearing it since.
Yes it belongs to the mens collections,but tell me if is not adorable in a woman too...

No es secreto alguno el que siempre termine "saqueando" el armario de mi
novio,y el no es el primero que ha tenido que pasar por esto.Pero
no lo puedo evitar!Cuando estoy de compras,siempre termino en la
seccion de hombre,y no me doy cuenta de ello hasta que me pongo a buscar
mi talla.Frecuentemente el me hace la misma pregunta: Aparte de la ropa
interior,llevas algo encima que no sea mio?
Y  recientemente he vuelto a caer en esta adoracion por la ropa de hombre.
Estando en Harrods,divise a lo lejos este precioso cardigan
 de Dries Van Noten,corri a por el y no he podido dejar
de usarlo desde entonces.Y si,pertenece a la coleccion de chico,pero no me digais
que no queda genial tambien en una mujer...


cardigan-Dries Van Noten
jeans-Silence Noise

Monday, January 19, 2009

La Fille du Mois



picture by Saga S.

latest interview for DirrtyGlam pag.39(january issue)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

by far my most favorite pic of mary-kate ever


that hoodie...her expression...her lip color...her rings. gahhhh! love it!

new header?

p.s. i know it has been a lot of MK next post will be on Ashley

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a thank you + a great mary-kate shot


i had never seen this image before. absolutely gorgeous!


Kevin Morosky tagged me which means I now have to reveal 6 random things about myself.... Dunno how revealing this will be after the 'Hated' list but here goes anyway:

1. I'm afraid of deep water. Not so much the swimming pool but I'm terrified of unfathomable water. I hate not knowing how deep it goes. I'm fine swimming at the beach as long as I can see the shore and/or my toes but I will never be one of those people who jump off boats and go swimming. Never.

2. It snowed heavily on the day I was born. That's why... "I'm as cold as ice" ;)

3. I had a pet ladybird when I was a kid. I kept her in a tupperware box with pin pricks in the lid. She died after two weeks because I didn't know what to feed her.

4. I have a huge barbie collection and they still all live in my parent's loft.

5. My favourite dish is pasta, cheese and bacon but I don't eat it very often. Alas.

6. I've been in 3 car accidents and Lauryn Hill was playing on the stereo during every single one of them. What did I ever do to her!? Still love her though and the song below makes me cry.

Now I've got to tag someone else so I choose Ricky.... and my boy (I'll post his 6 things up for him coz he don't do blogging)

Monday, January 12, 2009

reader request: ashley with her green bag

GLAMOUR spain (feature)

GLAMOUR spain (press feature)
pictures by Chus Anton

Last november we had loads of fun shooting this Louis Vuitton
-NEW GENERATION editorial for GLAMOUR Spain.
It's great to be with friends like the gorgeous Miranda!
Here is the result on the January Issue 09,plus some
more pictures on the making!

El pasado mes de noviembre(como ya habia comentando 
anteriormente) nos lo pasamos pipa en el photo shoot
 de la editorial  NEW GENERATION by Louis Vuitton,
para el numero de enero de la revista GLAMOUR.
Es genial cuando ademas,estas con amigas de la talla de
la preciosa Miranda.A las dos nos toco llegar de primeras
a maquillaje y con todo el tiempo que tuvimos...
pues nos dedicamos a "atacar" la bolleria industrial cortesia
de Conde Nast...para finalmente "largarnos corriendo" con los
bolsos de la sesion...
Aqui esta el resultado y algunas
fotos extra que sacamos durante la realizaci              

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hated things

1. Knitted Uggs. Death to them. Awful, awful things.


2. People who walk almost to the top of the escalator and then stand still. Ditto to the people who do it on the way down. They're even worse.


3. Liars, people who talk smack and wanksters. You know who you are.

4. Fake designer items on ebay. Eucci!?


5. My iPhone. It does everything except make calls.

6. Prawns. The big ones still in their shell. Ugh! I'm not into to any food that needs to be decapitated before I can eat it.


7. Dolphin tattoos. Especially on the lower back.


8. People who write scathing film reviews on their blog but don't bother to spell check it.

9. Facebook invites to Funky buddha and clubs in Kent/Essex.

10. Stale cream eggs. I swear some dodgy sweet shops keep the left over ones from last year and have the cheek to put them back out. When you bite into them they taste like dusty feet.


11. Bad customer service. Do not take your job dissatisfaction out on me.

12. Happy hardcore. What the fuck is happy about that?


I could do this all day.