Sunday, May 31, 2009

get the look: mary-kate

Caillianne- June 1, 2009

Top- Yves Saint Laurent leopard chiffon top from NYC store
Pants- Vintage jodhpurs (no label) from Brimfield flea market in MA
Shoes- Dolce and Gabbana
Belt- Theory (knotted) belt from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Judith Leiber leopard bag

The Look: Jockey + Leopard

Fun Fact: I got these jodhpurs from an awesome vintage vendor on our Brimfield trip named Donna! Her vintage store is called Donna Land

Samantha- June 1, 2009

Jacket- Simon Chang black crepe jacket from store at Bayview Village in Toronto
Dress- Cia from Value Village in Toronto
Necklace- Baby Bear sterling silver bear rattler (I turned it into a necklace)from St. Lawrence Flea Market in Toronto/Rhinestone Bear necklace by Vivian Westwood which was a gift from our godmum
Bag- Prada Girl Robot bag
Charm- Prada robot charm from Prada store in NYC
Boots- Motorcycle Boots from Amsterdam Flea Market

The Look: Highlighter Markers + Chalk Board

Fun Fact: I bought this dress at Value Village last week and the print reminded me of doodling and testing markers at an Art store before buying them.

Teddy Bear Show (Our Obsession!)

Over the weekend, we found a Teddy Bear Show at Edwards Gardens in Toronto filled with THE CUTEST handmade, dressed up, out of control Teddy Bears!!! There were so many teddy bears we wanted to take them ALL home! We had such a blast!
xoxo Beckerman Girls

Saturday, May 30, 2009

close up: ashley

Skinny Bitch

I read this book called "skinny bitch" and it's ruined me! I thought it would be a no nonsense skinny guide but it tricked me and was about becoming vegan! It had all these stories about animal cruelty and the gross way that they slaughter the animals and now I feel sick when I think of meat! I AM RUINED! RUINED I TELL YOU!!!! I am/was one of the biggest meat eaters for far and wide but now...... who knows? Will I ever be able to over come this illness? I have began to enjoy the taste of veggie sausages and even the thought of my mum's oxtail makes me feel queasy. 

I am definitely not going to read any books about the fur trade because I will need my vintage fur for the New York winters ahead. 


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I took this pictures about 6 months ago, they were for a Nylon contest which consisted in taking a shoot
that could get the cover of one issue, the prize: a double pass for a Nylon party with the misshapes!!!. It was so much fun taking
this photos, and for me, of course, creating the outfits. The location was very simple but perfect fot what I wanted, we took
them in my best friend´s school.
It the end WE WON!!!!! so we 3 went to the party next friday, I was so excited when I got the email. 
Well I wanted to share part of this work with you,(and I said part because in total there were like 480 shoots!!! )Very tiring
I must  admit, but It was really worth it.

So do you think I could get the cover of Nylon mgz?(just kidding)
Kisses and so much love


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Danielle- May 29, 2009

Top: Lana lee aka from Value Village
Pants- Forever 21 from Toronto
Gold pocket watch in pants: belonged to Grandfather
Shoes: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

The Look: Hawaiian Princess + Marching Band

Fun Fact: We shot todays pictures at a Dollar shop in the Flower Section! The Colors and the flower selection was really unbelievable that we had to buy some!

Samantha- May 29, 2009

Varsity Jacket- The label is Delong Sportswear from Tribal Vintage Store in Toronto
Shirt- Vintage (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Pants- Cords from Forever 21 in NYC
Shoes- Green and Brown Shoes Vintage Giraudon from Atomic Passion Store in NYC

The Look: Varsity Blues (the movie) + Reggie (from the Archie Comics)

Fun Fact: These Varsity Jackets are usually a fortune. This is a Patriots jacket from 1980's and its a collectible jacket. This jacket even came with all of the pins on it and patches! They usually try selling them for around $300-$400 at the Antique Shows, but I got it for $20 ! (SCORE!)

Caillianne- May 29, 2009

Sweater- Jean Paul Gaultier Couture from Century 21 in NYC
Dress- Vintage (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Shoes- The Sisters Campbell Moccasins from Precision in NYC
Necklace- Vintage Bird Bolo from Brimfield Mass. Antique Show
Bracelets- Vintage African Bracelets from NYC

The Look: Andie MacDowell in Movie Multiplicity + Hippie Commune

Fun Fact: We saw the best movie today called "The Alps" at the IMax in the Science Center! It was so inspiring and cool!