Saturday, June 28, 2008

happy bday Prince Pelayo

y como el bien dice,para mi es Pe, y para vosotros Prince Pe.
La fiesta tendra lugar en PonyStep continuado al dia siguiente
con un lovely lunch&presents...




3 years of love

And now that we are a proper family...we went back to 1991

Monday, June 23, 2008


In march i got this dress as a present from my cheecky
Prince Pe,it´s a funny long tee designed by Jonathan
Saunders. It´s long lenth makes it quite difficult to combine
with,but immediately i saw the solution: Add that big 80´s
jacket that i got for 3 quid at Berwick street ages ago! the
gladiators makes it look more day-time but if you swap them
for stilettos or platform sandals+socks, you´ll have an instant

This is how Aggy is rocking it!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DirrtyGlam magazine feature June Issue

As you might already know,we collaborate for Dirrty Glam
magazine(a french magazine that is becoming very very popular).
Alie(chief editor) has a great sense of style and knows who to
choose better...and why. She know what's hot what is not.
This month you can see the french connection she has prepared
for all of us,plus another editorial from Ren Rox and I named
"Suicide Blonde" featuring James,Ren and Gala under the
same wig! Can you spot us? (pages 241-258)
 quieres saber la ultima adquisicion de
my closet check katelovesme now!

Monday, June 9, 2008

El Periodico de Catalunya

Cansadisima y con un calorrro brutaaal llego a casa y al abrir
Myspace me encuentro con este "regalito" que Gerard y
Pelayo me habian mandado publicado en El Periodico el 9/6/08.
Ay! mis ninhos!
Podeis leer mejor el articulo en este LINK



Tambien hoy me han pasado el link de una web que merece un vistazo(o dos!) y han escrito un mini-articulo sobre mi muy bonito(muchas gracias)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NEO2 magazine feature

This Month i've been featured on Neo2 magazine.
Here is the translated text to english:

"GALA:fashion student,creative director and stylist.
Most of us know her as "Am_lul" through her fotolog.
As she believes,it was a good way to remain anonymous,
but now is when Gala Gonzalez takes action and Am_lul
remainsas the vanity "it girl" and Gala is the one who
takes theresponsibilities for the work done.We prefer Gala,
even that am_lul may have loads of comments from
fans that would love to be her.Because she has won it,and
internet has helped her a lot.Thanks to internet she has been able
to get involved in many projectsand get work,plus if you google
her name you'll find loads of blogsthat write about her. Now
Gala works for different networks andshe isresponsible of the
creative direction of Linea-U(Adolfo Dominguez)...
We have Gala for a long time."