Monday, October 4, 2010

Carole Tanenbaum Collaboration Day 1

Carole Tanenbaum is just the coolest vintage collector around! We were sooooo excited when we met her last month because we always see her name in magazines like Vogue, W, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and Flare! She is the most fabulous and sweetest woman with the most impeccable taste! We totally understand why every major stylist around the world wants to work with Carole, and why the celebs are always so excited to wear her vintage.

Carole hand picks all of the pieces and she has over 20,000 pieces in her collection! Her jewelry pieces aren't just vintage pieces, they are masterpieces that she sells exclusively around the world to department stores and boutiques. Michelle Obama wore Carole Tanenbaum vintage to the Inauguration with Isabel Toledo's yellow dress! And when Sarah Jessica Parker gets all dolled up for Sex and The City events, she wear's Carole Tanenbaum Vintage. Other clients include, Lindsay Lohan, Gwenyth Paltrow, Nelly Furtdado, and Natalie Portman. How fabulous is that!

So when we met, we just hit if off right away! We had sooooo much to talk about because she has been collecting vintage jewelry for over 25 years! And you know our obsession with vintage! We collect clothes from all around the world and always need accessories to wear! So, we went to her studio and it blew our mind! We had sore throats from screaming about her jewelry when we left.

Carole's amazing collection includes trays and trays and trays of EVERYTHING you could imagine: Bakelite, figural pins, Scottish Victorian jewelry, Czech pieces and designer stamped jewels by some of the most important design houses throughout North America and Europe, including Chanel, Trifari, Haskell, Schiapparelli, Hobe, Boucher and many others. She also color co-ordinates all of the vintage jewelry so that it looks like Candyland in her showroom.

We were honoured when Carole asked us to do a collaboration together. It's a dream come true when you can wear GORGEOUS eclectic jewelry with an outfit!!! Carole is re-launching her online website today! YAY! She has amazing jewelry and it's so much fun to shop vintage with her! So click HERE to check it out and shop! To join her facebook page click HERE! Here is a picture of Carole at her studio!

Samantha- Wearing Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection

Dress- Vintage cow print dress (no label) from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Vest- Vintage African vest by Shep's Nubian Fashion from Vintage store called Marmalade in NYC
Belt- Louis Vuitton belt from Louis Vuitton store in Toronto
Necklace- Vintage Carole Tanenbaum necklace from Carole Tanenbaum website
Bracelets- Vintage Carole Tanenbaum bakelite bracelets from Carole Tanenbaum website
Rings- Vintage Carole Tanenbaum rings from Carole Tanenbaum website
Shoes- Brown's boot from Brown's store in Toronto and Cast from Doc :)

The Look: Carole Tanenbaum Collaboration + Tribal Rhythm

Fun Fact: This necklace was the first piece that I saw when I walked into Carole's studio! I am soo obsessed with the mini pearls around the brown stones. I also loved how Gladiator and African warrior princess it was that I decided to base my whole look around this necklace and feeling. I styled it with African looking Bakelite bracelets that are different colors that have a 70's kind of feel. I loved the wooden bracelets with them. I also put on some amber rings and an owl ring with green eyes. I definitely think Iris Apfel would approve this look!

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