Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Dream come true

My muse and my favorite maison. Great things get together,
Kate Moss for Balmain f/w 2010

PS. Happy sunday!

Mustard in Mallorca

Dress: Random beach stall in Mallorca. Espadrilles: Market in Mallorca. 
Bag Alexander Wang. Sunglasses: KISS.

Me and the boy took a road trip and found a gorgeous little beach. It was a tiny little cove with a beach shack selling drinks and kids running around naked and making sandcastles. We loved it. Half way through the day these two girls showed up with a bag full of dresses to sell. I was in my element. Sun, sea, sand AND shopping? Hell yeah.  I snapped up this mustard dress and wore it immediately.

You can find espadrilles in all the shoe shops in Mallorca. I got mine from a little shop in the town of Soller. The lady there would only talk to me in Spanish and I loved her for it. They were so cheap I ended up buying two pairs each for me and the boy and we walked around in matching shoes for the rest of the vacation.

I've been filming 'Victim' this week. I'll be shooting this until mid August and then back to LA :)


Blues Blues Blues

There are things going on at night everyday. And though I'm sometimes the kind of person that prefers to watch scary movies and eat popcorn or to take a coffee in a terrace talking to someone, it's just fair to 
use these dresses, dresses that don't need anything else to put than some high high shoes and where the jewel is the dress at the same time . You may wanna add some red lips or any hairdo 
you're thinking, and the rest, is the way you sparkle when you dance or when you walk. 
This is my night this weekend. 
Dress by Mango

Friday, July 30, 2010

MK in Manhattan


Just before saying goodbye sun, goodbye holidays I get you with some last photos I had taken all the way in the French Coast while there was
very much sun shining. I loved it! I hope you all are havin' very great holidays!
I'm about to prepare the post I did yesterday for later. Till then!
American Apparel high waist shorts, Mexican Handmade tunic

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lights On, Lights Off...Chanel Lightbulb Shoes!

These Chanel lightbulb shoes are a Beckerman favourite! So, here's the question of the day... What do you do if your Chanel light bulb burns out and refuses to turn on? First, you can freak out a little! And then... you call in an amazing electrician!!!! We were so stumped when one of our Chanel shoes wouldn't turn on. We thought that they would be easy to fix, but when we couldn't figure it out, our electrician Vladmir took them home with him to study them. He worked on them for 8 hours straight! He also had to drive two hours out of Toronto to go to this specific lightbulb store to find the correct bulb because Chanel used a hard to find light bulb. Vladmir had to completely re-wire them and he miraculously did it!! He's our HERO!!! They are back and they are shining brighter then ever!!


justbecauseishould via studdedhearts

look of the day: ashley


Browsing and browsing and spending life in internet... at least through that, I remembered
this so american style-Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton styled editorial from US vogue in 2009.
Like it? I really did at that time, and still brings me the thinking of trying a bit of those looks.
For me, editorials will always be a remarkable passion.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Samantha- Cat from Shrek + Hot Stones

Dress- BCBG Fall 2008 Grey Dress from BCBG store in Toronto
Hat- Vintage hat with pin from Rosebowl Flea Market in LA
Slip- Beckerman black silk slip (under dress) from Spring 2006 Collection
Bag- Beckerman Bag (I made it!) with a Red Cross pin on it from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Ring- Alexander McQueen skull ring from Alexander McQueen store at the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
Bracelets- Vintage coin bracelts from Hamptons Flea Market in NY
Necklace- Black skull necklace (a present from Chloe) from the Long Beach Flea Market in LA
Shoes- Burberry Fall 2009 boots from Burberry store in Toronto

The Look: Cat from Shrek + Hot Stones

Fun Fact: I made this bag in 2001, and put a vintage Red Cross medallion pin on it to spruce it up! I got my BFA in Accessories Design at F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and this was one of the first bags that I actually kept for myself! I made a lot of bags but ended up giving most of them away to friends!



Remember my tweet about that crazy "Bag shopping day", well this amazing bag is the result of it.
Say hello to my new Longchamp.
Wearing one of my most comfortable shoes, my Acne wedges, which I got from My-wardrobe
They have the most amazing F/W arrivals, so you better check them out!


Dress: American Apparel. Gladiator sandals: River Island. Bag Alexander Wang.

This dress is great in hot and sticky weather. I bought it in New York last summer where it is hot and sticky beyond belief during the summer months. The low cut arm holes mean you get a lot of much needed ventilation. I love the slouchy silhouette and drapey material. It's the perfect vacation dress- you can roll it up in a bag and it will never crease.

I loooooooooved being in Mallorca! My only complaint is that it was over too soon. I could have easily spent the entire summer on the island just reading and eating chorizo but we had to return. I start shooting a film tomorrow. It's such a cool project. One of the writers was my cast mate in my first ever acting job. He's also acting in this film and it will be awesome to be working together again all these years later. 

I always get really excited about the first day on new film.... it feels like the first day of school. I even pack my bag the night before ;)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caillianne- Pretty in Pink + Grape Crush

Neon Pink Blazer- Jil Sander from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Tshirt- Purple Opening Ceremony Tshirt underneath from Creatures of Comfort Sample Sale in L.A
Pants- Purple pants by Wood Wood from Crreatures of Comfort Sample Sale in L.A
Belt- BCBG grey wrap around belt from BCBG store in Toronto
Shoes- D&G Gold heels from D&G store in New York
Bag- Miu Miu bag from Miu Miu store in NYC

The Look: Pretty in Pink + Grape crush

Fun Fact: This is my favourite bag because sometimes it scares people! It totally matches my hair perfectly and when people see it for the first time they jump out of their skin because they think its a dog, or they think I made it out of my own hair! (which I didn't!) Hahah! Thanks Miu Miu!

Chloe- Dream Catcher + Cowboy

Top- Pencey top from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Pants- Custo Barcelona pants from Custo Barcelona store in Beverly Center in L.A
Belt- Etro store from Etro store in New York
Earrings- Vintage Heart earrings from Hamptons Flea Market in NY
Necklace- Vintage silver chain from Brimfield Antique Show in MA
Shoes- Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- The Glamourai for Coach bag from

The Look: Dream Catcher + Cowboy

Fun Fact: I was jumping around in my new pants like crazy because I was sooo excited to wear them on the blog! But what did I do? ... I accidentally split them!! (oh my goodness!) but at least they split on the seam and I can stitch it up! SO much for the HAPPY dance ;) Hahaha!