Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haloweeeeeeeeen aka slutty dead nurse

I feel so lazy! It's my first american Halloween and I just cannot be bothered to do anything! Back in England Halloween is a bit of a non event... I mean it's there but nobody really takes it seriously like they do here. Me and my boy are staying in this huge house in Hollywood that I swear is haunted so we're just gonna watch scary movies in the screening room (which is in the HAUNTED basement!). We did take a drive around the local area to look at all the kids in their costumes. So cute! I saw the smallest little spiderman ever and actually melted.

We've been invited to a few costume parties but the idea of dressing up leaves me cold. Why do all the girls dress like 'slutty' versions of everything? Paris Hilton is the worst offender for this.

Slutty Alice in Wonderland???? Really!? At least she did zombie eyes so it's almost halloween-ish.

I think my least favourite of all the 'Slutty' costumes has to be slutty dead nurse. No imagination. I still stand by my Grace Jones idea. And no, wearing a leotard ala Grace who is an ICON does not fall under the 'slutty' umbrella. I think using lingerie in the costume is what puts it firmly in the 'slutty' category.

This is my first post since being in LA! It felt good to leave New York. It was the right thing to do. I spent one of my last days with Mischa and Sara just walking around central park eating. We ate: cheese & crackers, cup cakes, crepes, hot dogs x2 each and ice cream. I have never been so glutinous in my life!

It was a really nice New York day.


Love Sara's new short hair :)

The weather in LA makes me extremely happy and so does house hunting with my boy. We plan to head back to London for Christmas and then spend the first part of 2010 back in LA so we've been looking for our own place. We always stay in our friend's amazing place in Hollywood because he's never there but we thought it might be nice to have a cute little place of our own (that doesn't feel haunted). My boy is particularly enamored with the Venice Canals.


It's very picturesque down there and it looks nothing like the rest of LA. My only concern is the long drive to meetings. Traffic on that freeway makes me sick! For those of you reading this in London: look at that lovely clear blue sky! Not a rain cloud in sight! Jealous? ;)

Me and my boy have mostly been very low key whilst we've been here. Lots of reading scripts and going to meetings. However we did have one night on the town (a girl needs to dress up and dance once in a while) and we bumped into Sara and Nico. Yay!
Um.... check out my lashes. I nearly glued my eyes shut putting them on but totally worth it.

I'll leave you with this.


Two very beautiful things: Iddo and Nutella. If anyone finds a bigger jar of Nutella then this please take a picture for me. I'm obsessed with the stuff!

Happy Halloweiner!

We carved some Spook-tacular Pumpkins this morning!!!! Happy Halloween!!!
xox Beckerman girls

MK at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Event

Happy Halloween

have fun + be safe!!


Friday, October 30, 2009


I`m off to watch scary movies to my grandparents house all this weekend, scary
is that grandpa`s house is besides the dark forest, and scary also cause I
collected all the Halloween saga. There you got a small preview of what I´m in
all weekend.

I`m so proud I`ll be eating the best food, grandma`s food, and will enjoy doing
nothing with my bestfriend.TGIF!
Halloween costume party!, as you see, this bunny could have had a little cold.  
The photos are a little crappy cause I didn`t have the chance to take the camera.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Danielle- Fall leaves + Lodge

Cape- Plaid cape from Salvation Army in Toronto
Snood- Beige knitted snood from H&M in Toronto
Glasses- Plastic from Danielle's Halloween trunk
Black Shirt- Project Alabama from Anthropology in Toronto
Leggings- Express from Express in Toronto
Boots- Aldo from Aldo store in Toronto

The Look: Fall leaves + Lodge

Fun Fact: Danielle is one of of our favourite artists! She has been working doing custom orders! Her website is amazing because you can now upload your vintage photos of your family or of yourself and and she makes stunning art out of it! It such a perfect gift for Christmas or Chanukah thats right around the corner!

Samantha- Chess + Black Licorice

Jacket- Beckerman grommet jacket from Fall 2008 "Cabin Fever" Collection
Skirt- Jill Stuart from Jill Stuart store in the Hampton's in NYC
T-shirt- Beckerman popsicle monster from Spring 2008 collection
Black tights from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage Giraudon NYC from Vintage store called Atomic Passion in NYC
Bag- Vintage Alligator bag from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in NYC

The Look: Chess + Black Licorice

Fun Fact: Just for the record, all of us are obsessed with Ten Ren Tea Time and their bubble teas and slushi's sooo much that we raced to the mall after the shoot to get one!

Caillianne- Amelia Earhart + Curious George

Jacket- Vintage pilot bomber jacket from Roots borrowed from my Dad
Denim shirt- From H&M from H&M store in Toronto
Cords- Brown courderoys from H&M in Toronto (got a few years ago)
Hat- Cohen from Saks in New York
Boots- Vintage riding boots from Gadabout in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Louis Vuitton bag from Ebay and vintage scarf wrapped through it

The Look: Amelia Earhart + Curious George

Fun Fact: This jacket is my Dad's and he got it in the 1980's. He has worn it for the last 25 years and for some reason he always shovels the snow in the the driveway wearing this jacket! Its so him.. I love it!

look of the day: ashley





The air is not breezy as I wanted, not breezy enough to show how sweet is this dress, I liked everything about it today,
the mesh in the back, the loose and delicate fabric that flies everytime you walk, even the velvet strap at the weist.
It`s sometimes enough and great to try a simple and beautiful dress in a normal day.
I promess you will see a marvellous outfit later this week, it`s just that in this cloudy and cold day it wouldn`t had shined
like it is deserved.






boots-Burberry Prorsum