Monday, November 30, 2009

Dan- Clark Kent + Che Guevara

Military Jacket- Vintage (no label) borrowed from 69 Vintage
Glasses- Retropsuperfuture from Spectacle store in Toronto
Scarf- White knitted Scarf borrowed from 69 Vintage in Toronto
Pants- 3.1 Phillip Lim from the Phillip Lim store in NYC
Boots- Vintage boots from INA in NYC
Bag- Jimmy Choo for H&M from H&M store in Toronto
Hat- Black knitted hat from Rag and Bone from Nomad store in Toronto

The Look: Clark Kent + Che Guevara

Fun Fact: Dan Levy is our favourite MTV host!! He hosts The After Show covering all the dirty details on The City and The Hills. He has wicked style and he's one of the coolest cat's we know! We did a trend story for Etalk together talking about trends, how to wear them, what to look for, and we did some crazy fun blogging at the 69 Vintage store. Its on Tuesday (tonight) on CTV at 7:00pm! Tune in tonight! YAY!

Caillianne- Minnie Mouse + Audrey Hepburn

Plastic polka dot Poncho- Vintage (no label) borrowed from 69 Vintage in Toronto
Necklace- Silver Beckerman Spectacles necklace from Beckerman (click here to buy)
Belt- Vintage Kielstein Cord Alligator belt from Cheap Jacks in NYC
Shorts- Vintage (no label) borrowed from 69 Vintage in Toronto
Turtleneck- Vintage Black turtleneck (no label) borrowed from 69 Vintage in Toronto
Black tights from H&M in NYC
Hat- Black felt hat from Aberfoyle Flea Market in Ontario
Shoes- Pura Lopez from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- White leather bag with brown piping borrowed from 69 Vintage in Toronto

The Look: Minnie Mouse + Audrey Hepburn

Fun Fact: The five trends that we talk about on Etalk tonight are: Polka dots, Military, Denim, Leopard and Florals. We discuss how to shop for the right pieces for your wardrobe and what to look for when buying vintage clothes. I borrowed some of their frocks to show how to wear head to toe polka dots! I love this plastic poncho, its so 60's!

Samantha- Aviator + Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs

Leather Jacket- Borrowed from 69 Vintage with studs on shoulders and cuffs
Stocking Hat- Knitted striped hat (no label) a gift from 69 Vintage in Toronto
Jumpsuit underneath- Vintage Aviator jumpsuit from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- Ralph Lauren shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Rings- Vintage Mickey Mouse and turquoise rings from Brimfield Show in MA
Bag- Vintage plaid case borrowed from Vintage 69 in Toronto

The Look: Aviator + Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs

Fun Fact: I love this striped stocking hat! Vintage 69 is such a fabulous store! They have two locations in Toronto. At one of their stores you can buy clothing by the pound! Click here for their website.


It`s been a little bit more than chilly later , but it`s totally OK cause it`s the best reason to use
tights. I`m all about the several figures printed on tights right now. Aren`t them totally beautiful?
I`m SO exhausted and about to sleep cause I had a really big day, but still a really great one.
The leopard print is in any case my FAVORITE from all the animal prints. Faux Fur. Don`t even worry.
Year is totally flying. Time flies, wasn`t it just yesterday when I was saying Happy Halloween?
Don`t matter.

C`est la vie!


mk still from beastly

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anastasija Kondratejeva for Vogue Russia

I just found this amazing photoshoot at fashiongonerogue. I had to share it with you.
SHOCKING.(and beautiful). LOVE IT.


PS. I promise some post for tomorrow night

Samantha- Mustard + Hawaii

Dress/Jumper- Vintage Jamie Brooke from Brimfield Antique Show in MA (looks like a dress but really a jumper)
Jacket- Polka dot jacket (no label)borrowed from Caillianne from Stella Luna Vintage in Toronto
Red tights- From a tights store in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage Giraudon NY shoes from Atomic Passion vintage store in NYC
Bag- Betsey Johnson from store in Toronto
Dog- Cubby Beckerman in leopard sweater :)

The Look: Mustard + Hawaii

Fun Fact: This is a new lipstick pencil that I got from Nars called Damned. Its so dark red and vampire-ish I love it!

Caillianne- Greyhound + Rothko

Grey Sweater- Wilfred from Aritzia store in Toronto
Scarf- Multicolored scarf from store in Bayview Village in Toronto
Hat- Tracey Watts from Tracey Watts sample sale in NYC
Pants= Striped leggings frm H&M mens long underwear
Shoes- Studded Jimmy Choo for H&M motercycle ankle boots...Love em!
Bag- Comme des Garcons from Le Bon Marche Department store in Paris
Dog- Cubby Beckerman :)

The Look: Greyhound + Rothko

Fun Fact: We had a riot today! When I fell into the splits while taking photos...We coined it "The Cheese Splits!"

Danielle- Tiffany from Saved by the Bell + Biker

Jacket- Vintage Stylman International from Value Village in Barrie, ON
Scarf- Knit purple shrug worn around neck from Value Village in Mississauga, ON
Shirt- Marc & LLoyd from Santa Monica Promenade Mall in LA
Dress- Urban Outfitters from store in Montreal
Tights- H&M from store in Toronto
Boots- Urban Planet from store in Toronto
Purse- Vintage Moschino from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto
Gloves- Next leoard pink gloves from St. Lawrence Market in Toronto
Hair Scrunchy- Vintage (no label) from Value Village in Montreal
Doggy- Cubby Beckerman :)

The Look: Tiffany from Saved by the Bell + Biker

Fun Fact: Today, we went to the St. Lawrence Flea Market and Danielle got this Moschino vintage bag!! SCORE!

look of the day: mary-kate

Look of the Day.66: Wendy lives in the clouds

jumper-La Casita de Wendy
leather trousers-Frank Tell

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite jumpers,as you probably know by now,
I have an obsession with oversize knitted jumpers.So when Ines,Ivan and Brianda ,
designers of La Casita de Wendy gave methis beautiful jumper from 
their a/w 2009-2010 collection back in July I've been waiting to pair it with my
 Frank Tell leather trousers for ages,but it wasn't warm enough for it till today!
I also found out that has now 30% off online!

Llevaba meses esperando a poder combinar este precioso jersey de La Casita
de Wendy con mis pantalones de cuero de Frank Tell. Desde que Brianda,Ivan e Ines
me hicieron llegar esta preciosidad con print de nubes no he parado de ponermelo,
aunque con este clima loco no he podido hacerlo como queria hasta hoy!
Aparte los que me leeis a menudo sabeis de sobra lo mucho que me gustan los jerseis 
oversize y lo bueno es que este tambien lo puedes combinar como vestido.
Y me acabo de enterar que este jersey tiene el 30% de descuento a traves del blog
de la Casita de Wendy .Si os gusta, ni lo dudeis.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

close up: ashley

Old New York

I'm back in London and loving it! I was walking around Soho looking like a right nut job because I had a huge grin on my face. When I get to London I always have a feeling like 'yep, this is my city'.

I am a londoner through and through.

I got my boy a leica camera for his birthday back in August. He took loads of picures and I've just now gone through them all.

These are all from our time in NYC....
Ben's pizza... Mmmmmmmmmmm.
Nico: Just about to get another tattoo.
On set: I miss Marissa, she was lots of fun to play. I think these pictures are from episode 3. Richie Rich was the guest designer and Marissa wants to become his muse.
Tolga: he came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. He came to all the fashion week things with me. Excuse my raccoon eyes, I still had photo shoot makeup on!
I took this one.

Hearing Jay Z and Alicia's 'Empire State of Mind' make s me smile with fondness at my time in the big city... "if I can make it there"