Friday, April 30, 2010

Look of the Day.81: smile little one

shorts-vintage Levi´s
jumper-Music Collection
bag-Mulberry(with a Burberry strap)
sunglasses-Alexander Wang

Mexico has been so far on of the best experiencies i´ve ever had.
Im staying here for a bit longer,enjoying the sun,the lovely people and the tasty frijoles!
No pics right now so i can only post some of the latest ones I took days before
leaving London when the sun was bright and my skin was pale,
but we spent everyday at London Fields drinking white and rose wine and enjoying bbqs.

MK takes a smoke break


Wild hearts

The thing about this one is that I felt just like you can see it upside. The sun was heating all Paris and anyone
without sunglasses would had suffered a little bit, and the when a little stream of fresh air was passing,
everything else became perfect. 
Is there actually anyone that isn`t expecting sun and wearing nothing else but the smallest shorts and dresses?
I just feel it deeply.
WildfoxCouture had something last season that makes you think there`s nothing (at all) bad of just wearing 
my vintage`s and the biggest crop top I could find.
Topshop top, Vintage denim shorts, Steve Madden cowboy`s

Thursday, April 29, 2010

olsens anonymous favorite: ashley


Sometimes it would be perfect if women didn`t look strange wearing amazing dresses like these just out in the street in a normal day.
This one c'est très chic. At first wearing it with my parka and still looked great.
The stylestalker "Midnight" collection was full of lovely dresses and I was honored to receive this one from them.
Conspiracy dress by Stylestalker and Gerbe tights
Click on the links to see their full collection and their store!

Here Come The Girls

Becca, Me, Elizabeth, Jenni, Zahra and Krystelle aka Stepford.
Shorts and denim shirt: TopShop. Lace bodysuit: American Apparel. Clogs: Jeffery Campbell.
The Boy...

I had some of my friends round for a cake extravaganza. Krystelle aka Stepford kindly baked the cakes for us. We were spoiled with lemon drizzle cake and the best brownies I've ever had in my life. I don't cook but I am excellent at presentation so I opened packets of party snacks and placed them beautifully on the table ;)

I asked the ladies to dress in what they felt best showed their personal style and I think they all look awesome... 

  • Becca has the 'girl next door' look locked- super natural make up and a great pair of jeans.
  • Elizabeth looks like a rockstar. I love her patent dm's.
  • Jenni's wispy dress has an innocence that is sooooooo pretty (then you realize she's not wearing a bra and is actually a naughty minx!)
  • Zahra'a polka dots are really cute and have a vintage feel. I love how she toughens them up with a denim shirt.
  • Krystelle lives up to her Stepford name through and through- that dress and belt give her curves to die for! She can work a red lip like no other.

The boy (patient as always- there would be no blog without him) took the group shots and the ones of me and I took the rest! Some how I managed to actually get some pictures in focus.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

close up: mary-kate

Parisian talks


Having delicious macarons at Ladurée and taking a glass of wine in a Rue St. Honoré café suddenly became a perfect afternoon.
I met Chiara from theblondesalad who is making a europe trip and we both got the chance to meet for the first time!
we had such a great afternoon. Boyfriends were already starting to plan
their own page to beat us (joking) but in the end, everything was really great.
I wanted to share my other Bird Print from the MiuMiu spring 2010. I loved not just the incredible birds but the white color
paired with this soft blue. Miuccia Prada really has me enchanted. And I have my new favourite accessory.
MiuMiu collar SS2010, Zara shirt, American Apparel riding pants ( thanks AA!), Massimo dutti velvet blazer

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

random: ashley

German Vogue feature

I was excited when I was contacted by Vogue Deutsch team to be featured in 
the May issue. But I got really excited when I started receiving mails from my loved readers
that I was there with a big picture of me. I  got happy cause I had previously seen 
other editorials for this issue and they were really marvellous, so this magazine goes to 
my box of little treausures. I hope you like it!
 Thanks  to the Vogue team!
Click also for the photo in the


Sunday, April 25, 2010

reader request: mary-kate

Lipstick Lovelies

NARS 'Schiap'. As seen here. They also do a nail polish in exactly the same shade. Gotta love that!


Chanel 'Maniac'. Not the easiest shade to wear but well worth it when you pull it off. This was my lipstick du jour on New Year's eve and it made my night!

MAC 'Lady Danger'. My favorite lipstick at the moment. It's a very orangey red and it can wash me out in certain lights so I just carry a torch around with me.... JOKING!!! Seen here with my lace dress :)

The best of the rest:
*MAC 'Ruby Woo'
*Tom Ford 'True Coral'
*MAC 'Way to Love'

Today was spent watching season one of 'Friends' whilst painting my nails. God I miss LA nail salons! I hate doing my own nails!

Prada lolita

Prada sunglasses, Gerbe tights, American Apparel shorts, Topshop shoes and top
Just try to picture me with the sea to one side. I think, and I confirm Miuccia Prada
had something amazing in mind when making MiuMiu and Prada spring collections. I can`t get over with both of them.
She had an inspiration and she has now become one for us.
It`s all about white sand, blue turquoise water, Palms, Sun, transparent sunglasses and Prada prints.
I had this one in my mind and finally I got to feel like a lolita, signed by Prada.