Thursday, September 23, 2010

Caillianne- Mary Poppins + Red Apples

Jacket- Marc Jacobs Brocade jacket from his Spring 2009 collection from Marc Jacobs store in L.A
Jeans- Red Vintage Levis denim jeans from Value Village in Toronto
Tank top- Navy Trove tank top from Trove Sample Sale in Toronto
Pin- Handmade matryoshka doll pin from One of a Kind Show in Toronto
Shoes- Marc by Marc Jacobs patent shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sunglasses- Betsey Johnson gold studded sunglasses from Loehmanns in L.A
Bag- Red Marc Jacobs bag a gift from Godmum

The Look: Mary Poppins + Red Apples

Fun Fact: I just got these red jeans yesterday for $6.00 bucks at Value Village and I love how 80's they are! After I washed them and hung them on the door to dry I kept walking by them and giggling because they looked like they used to belong to a tall skinny bald yoga teacher man! He drank lots of tea, read a lot of books and could do a back walk over wearing these jeans! You know when your vintage talks to you, that you are officially going crazzzy!!!! Today was one of those funny days! Hahaha! On another note, this is my favourite jacket that I got in L.A! The fabric is sooo beautiful and it's perfect for fall!

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