Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Society Cup Party Pics!

We had an awesome time hosting The Society Cup with the most amazing people and had a whole lotta fun playing vintage lawn games all day. It was the perfect day to soak up some sunshine and dress up! It was sponsored by Hendrick's Gin and we sipped on cucumber concoctions all day while DJ Brendan Fallis played some golden oldies. There were buckets and buckets filled with Heineken and Perrier to cool down after running in the competitive 3 legged pant race! (We totally fell and ate it!) There was also bocce ball, croquet, and badminton games to play. Danielle Hession won the Hendrick's “Most Sartorial Nostalgist" award for best dressed for her Fall Prep attire. And there were lots of yummy foods to snack on including mini grilled chesse sandwiches. It was a killer event! Photos by: Mirza Noormohamed- Wandering Eye Photography, and The Beckerman Bite Plate

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