Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Glamourai for Coach Drawstring Bag!

We were soo obsessed when our amazing friend Kelly a.k.a The Glamourai showed us the bag she designed for Coach in Brimfield that when we got home from our trip, we pre-ordered one immediately! We just had to had have one! The shape is amazing and the color is just the perfect grey. It came in the mail yesterday and we were soooo excited!!! We practically ripped the box open! And today we had so much fun with it on our lil' adventure! First, we went to City Hall and visited the Rotunda area where Superman's Daily Planet office (in the tv series) was filmed. It was also filmed for the movie, "War of the Worlds" where it got destroyed. Then, we took the elevator to the 27th floor and checked out the Observatory Deck which overlooks L.A. After we walked a few blocks over to check out Union Station. In the waiting area, they have these gorgeous Art Deco brown leather chairs that we didn't want to get up from. Caillianne even fell asleep! Union Station was featured in the movie, Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and it was built in 1939. We love the barrel shaped ceilings and colorful tiles. We took our new Glamourai for Coach bag for a spin (well, more like a slow moving/walking tour) and love it! Click here to order one! xo Beckerman girls

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