Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meeting Minnie Mouse and Loving Her House!

We went to Disneyland in California and had the best time ever! First and foremost, we got to meet our idol Minnie Mouse! She always wears red lipstick, vintage bloomers, a lot of mascara, a big bow and a whole lotta polka dots! What's not to love!! We visited her house and met her and told her how much we loved her! She gave us big hugs and kissed us each with her nose. She also told us (in hand gestures) how much she loved our red lipstick and our Minnie Mouse ears!! Last year for our Birthday Party, we had a Minnie and Mickey Dress up party! Click here to see the pics. Minnie's house was decorated amazing! It was Parisian Plastic Chic! She had turquoise walls, vintage like picture frames, angled roofs, pink and purple heart window frames, leaf printed couches and a big mirror for makeup. All of her furniture and belongings were plastic and it felt like we were stuck in a Minnie Mouse cartoon! The cutest thing was the hologram cookie plate in the kitchen with a note that read, "Please try my diet cookies." Minnie was also signing autograph books for the kiddies, and at one point it was so hot out that she needed to take a break for some Cheesecake! (Cause mice like cheese!) haha! xo Beckerman girls xo

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