Monday, February 22, 2010

white shining

The dome of Galeries Lafayette, amazing!

A simple reason why I love (even more) Paris.

Max Mara tights, NafNaf vest, Bebe boots, Massimo Dutti shorts, Zara shirt
It`s funny how sometimes you make plans ( for example what I had planned for today, 
a special post for you!) and then you can`t get them done,
but it`s definitely great when you don`t plan something that in the end is better.
Just a thought!
I was expecting a little bit more sun today, but when I oppened the window I just saw
clouds, white ones, so I took the outfit I`d planned for today back to the closet
and instead I put together this one, totally white ( no white shoes!).
And then I went to Galeries Lafayette, another big mall, with this huge breathtaking 
ceiling, and lucky me! I found something incredible: It`s WHITE. 
Can you guess? 

À bientôt!

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