Monday, May 31, 2010

Samantha- Riding + Nautical

Top- Striped sweater by H&M from H&M store in Boston, MA
Pants- Stretch pants by H&M from H&M store in L.A
Hat- Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch hat from Brimfield Show (one of my new purchases) in MA
Necklace- Vintage bolo from Godmum
Bag- Leopard Betsey Johnson bag from Betsey Johnson store in Toronto
Shoes- Vintage leopard Doc Martens from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in New York

The Look: Riding + Nautical

Fun Fact: Caillianne and I went to the Huntington Gardens in L.A on the weekend and spent the day in the Japanese and Rose gardens! The Japanese gardens had a tea room, beautiful wooden bridges and had the biggest coy swimming around in the big they looked like they could eat you if you fell in. Being in the rose gardens felt like being in Alice in Wonderland! The gardens cover over 600 acres with more than 14,000 plants! We didn't even make it to the Cactus gardens or the lily ponds, so we have to go back!!!

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