Thursday, May 13, 2010

Caillianne- A Kelly Wearstler Room + 70's denim


Jean Jacket- Vintage Wrangler jean jacket from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
T-shirt- Navy H&M T-shirt from H&M store in Toronto
Pants- Purple pastel pants Wood Wood from Creatures of Comfort Sample Sale in L.A
Shoes- Ballarina Repetto flats from Creatures of Comfort in L.A
Necklace- Vintage Gold Chain from Grandmother :)
Bag- Pink Prada Robot bag a gift from Godmum
Sunglasses- Vintage Rocha lace sunglasses from EBay
Charm on bag- Gold teddy bear charm a gift from Chloe from Pacific Mall in Toronto

The Look: A Kelly Wearstler Room + 70's denim

Fun Fact: I got these purple denim high waisted pants from the Creatures of Comfort sample sale for $35.00 ! OMG! (Originally $380.00) They are perfect for a relaxing weekend bumming around!

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