Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roses(for MIKA)

I am such a fool that I forgot to tell my last's week adventure. I was taking a glass of wine in friend's
appartment, and suddenly MIKA started sounding on the Ipod. Suddenly (and exciting-ly) we talked about
his show on Paris, and ten minutes later we had rented a car and bought tickets for MIKA in a town 2 hours
away from Paris. I was going to MIKA in France (in Lievin- 30 000 population). 
Internet felt so powerful.
Everything went really great in the 2 days adventure and I fell in love much more with him cause of
his passion and fierce when singing and giving me wonderfuls "Grace Kelly", "Rain" or "Blue Eyes".
Red roses for MIKA ( from H&M garden collection).
H&M Garden Collection blazer, Topshop harem pants, Topshop pums, Versace JC bodysuit


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