Sunday, January 24, 2010

pour la tour eiffel

It has really meant a lot to me, the word " parisienne" more than "française",
had set in my mind several images, thoughts, reasons,that got me enchanted,
and I now I just want
to keep them all here.
That was the first view of the Tour Eiffel.
As I arrived to the hotel, I decided to focus totally in the beauty of Paris,
and tried to forget (though it is so hard!) about the absolutely cold weather.
I quickly unpacked and made my way to Rue Saint Honoré, to corroborate the "très chic" people everywhere.
Everyone , everywhere, full of coats, furs, fully charged with this parisien look.
I took my new booties, just in time to feel chic too. They are totally amazing.
I got these leather gloves just before I left home, and now I don`t think I `ll take them off again!

Now I`m just trying to sleep a little, the damn "jet lagged" is really hiting me, but I am thrilled cause is not even February
and I don`t have to wait anymore to get "la Vogue Paris". I love it.
Mango studded leather gloves, Faux fur Adam Lippes for Mango, Oysho denim shirt, Bebe booties

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