Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Olsenboye Holiday Card!

We were sooooo excited when our girls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen asked us to design their holiday card for Olsenboye! They are the coolest and their style is off the freakin' chain! We were chosen along with two other bloggers, Paper Fashion and My Closet in Sketches to design their holiday card based on their Holiday 2011 collection, which was inspired by Russia. We sketched our little hearts out and knew right away that we wanted to incorporate Matryoshka/Nesting dolls in our card because we love vintage dolls! So we designed our own Matryoshka dolls along with some dancing and jumping fashion girls having fun and wearing the Olsenboye Holiday collection. We started off by drawing each fashion girl and Matryoshka doll in a really large scale so that we could get all of the details in. Then, we did a black line drawing of all of them together in a first draft to make sure the perspective was right. We shrunk all of them together and colored them in. See the coloring madness and process below! We also teamed up with Stylelist for an amazing giveaway where Mary Kate and Ashley are going to be signing our original artwork and giving it away! All you have to do is a leave a comment on Stylelist! You also can send it to all your amazing friends for the holidays through Paperless Post. Click here! To see Olsenboye's super artsy video for their Holiday collection featured on Teen Vogue click here!

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